If you’ve visited Cypress Sunrise then you’re familiar with the long, wooded road leading from Highway 17 to the small, quiet neighborhood along the creek.  But did you know that the forest you drive by is actually designated as a nature conservancy?  This means that the property is protected in perpetuity and will never be developed!  That is a very unique concept these days, especially here in Pawelys Island where the growth and development over the last 25 years is astounding!

In the late 1980’s, Joseph Havel, my grandfather, donated the Waterford property to the nature conservancy, leaving quite a legacy.  This forest is home to, and provides a safe haven for, all kinds of wildlife.  It is very common to come upon a rafter of wild turkeys, an elegant deer or two or even a wild boar or red fox!

For this reason, we are thrilled that the neighboring property, over 1,000 acres known as the Prince George tract, has also granted a conservation easement to the Pee Dee Land Trust.  This 1,000 acres is adjacent to the Waterford property and was once slated to become a resort area with over 3,000 houses and a 500 room hotel.  We are so happy that the new owner of this property is conservation minded.  This is a big win for the Pawleys Island area!

You can read more about the Prince George conservation easement in an article recently published in the local newspaper, The Coastal Observer.

*Photos by Avis Havel Hutchinson, daughter of Joe Havel