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Is an outdoor grill available?

Yes!  There is a custom setup dual gas grill located under the back porch to cover a wide variety of grilling needs.  If you love to grill you’ll love this setup.

Are pets allowed at Cypress Sunrise?

Yes! We love cats and dogs. Please don’t hesitate to bring your furry family members along but please be sure to make note the following guidelines:

Only clean, flea free animals, please;

We do charge a non-refundable pet fee of $175 as animals leave behind more wear and tear (and hair) than our human guests;

Waterford Heights requires that all visiting animals remain on a leash while outdoors. There are several resident dogs and other wildlife to chase and you wouldn’t want your pet to become lost in the woods;

Dogs are allowed on the beach as long as they remain on a leash during the summer months;

Please clean up after your pet and do not allow them to do their business in any of the neighbors yards;

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, please bring a crate to leave him/her in when you leave the house. Scratches on the doors were left by a previous guests scared dog;

If you have a water dog (like we do) they may want to play in the creek. Please be aware of oysters that may cut your dogs feet. We got our dog some “water shoes” from Amazon to help with this. Please also wash the mud off and allow your dog to dry on the screened porch before bringing him/her inside;

If you are vacationing with your cat, please consider bringing a scratching post to eliminate the temptation of scratching on the furniture;

Cat litter should be bagged and placed in the curbside trash cans, not dumped in the creek or nearby woods.

When is trash day?

Trash pick up occurs every Monday morning. There are two curbside bins in which to place your trash. Please do not leave any trash bags outside of the bins and make sure the bin lids will close completely. Cypress Sunrise is located next to a wildlife preserve and some of the resident raccoons and opossums really enjoy tearing into trash bags. That’s not a mess you want to clean up while on vacation.

Can we explore the creek and salt marsh?

Yes! We swim in the creek and explore the marsh regularly and highly recommend it. You never know what treasures the creek is hiding!

Please be aware that the coastal salt marshes are very important ecosystems and you should leave no trace while visiting. Take only pictures and leave only footprints.

There are creek shoes for your use located under the house. If we do not have your size, you can purchase some from Pawleys Island Beach Service, located on Highway 17 next to Walgreens, just north of the North Causeway for about $8.00. Oyster cuts can ruin a vacation, especially for kids, so please wear creek shoes.

There is a double kayak with paddles and life vests under the house for your use.

Shell fishing is not allowed in the Pawleys Island creek. It is lots of fun to find clams but please return them to the water.

Crabbing is a fun way for kids to spend a couple of hours. You can make your own crab line or use the ones in the creek room. Chicken necks make great bait!

How close is the beach?

Cypress Sunrise is not located on the actual island. It is located on the mainland side of the creek and overlooks the Bird’s Nest section of Pawleys Island. You must travel across the creek or by car to access the beach.

There are two ways to access the beach. By car and by foot (through the creek).

By car, you will need to drive back out to Highway 17 and take a right, heading north. You will take a right at the second light onto the South Causeway. At the end of the causeway you’ll take another right and then your first left, after about a mile, onto Hazard Street. There are accesses located on Hazard Street, a block south on Pritchard Street, and all the way down at the south point. It will take 10-15 minutes by car.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can walk to the beach through the creek at low tide. Simply follow the channel to the main part of the creek and cross at a shallow spot near the boat landing. From the boat landing you’ll simply walk straight down Pritchard Street until you reach the beach access. This will also take about 10-15 minutes. You will have to be mindful of the creek tides, though, or you may have to swim back!

Can we fish in the creek?

Yes! You will have to obtain a salt water fishing license. Pawleys Island Outdoors will sell you a seven day license for a nominal fee. You can fish from the Cypress Sunrise dock or take a boat out. Kayaks can be launched from the dock but if you choose to bring or rent a John boat it will have to be launched from the Pritchard Street boat landing just across the creek.

Do you provide linens?

We do not provide linens but many guests arrange for linen rental from Vacation Equipment Rentals. The rental fee will vary based on your needs and their pricing. They will leave the linens on the front porch on the day of your arrival and pick them up on the day of your departure. We do provide kitchen towels and bath mats.

Can we bring our boat?

The Pawleys Island creek is a tidal creek and boating is a fun activity during high tide.  Small boats are best for the creek and there is a boat landing located just across the creek on the island on Pritchard Street.

How close is the nearest grocery store?

There are a few grocery stores located within 15 minutes of Cypress Sunrise.  Publix, Food Lion and Lowe’s Foods are all located on Highway 17 about 10-15 minutes North of Waterford Heights.  Lowe’s Foods offers shopping services through their website.  You can order ahead and plan to pick up your order when you arrive in town.  You can also use InstaCart with Publix for grocery delivery if you’d like.

We have a large group visiting Pawleys. Are there any other rental properties nearby?

Yes!  We do have  “sister properties” in Litchfield Beach, on the island and within the same neighborhood as Cypress Sunrise. Contact us for potential packages dependent on the other house’s availability.

Where is Cypress Sunrise Located and how do I get there ?

The address for Cypress Sunrise Vacation Rental is

155 Old Tram Way, Pawleys Island, SC 29585. 

You should have no problem letting GPS guide you in.

If GPS fails you, follow these general driving directions:

From Highway 17 turn onto Waterford Road.

Drive along Waterford Road for approx. 2 miles and then turn right on Morning Dove Drive.

From Morning Dove Drive, turn left onto Old Tram Way.

Cypress Sunrise is on the left, several houses down on Old Tram Way.

YOU’VE ARRIVED!!!!   Enjoy your vacation!!!!

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